The Detox Archives

"I just don't have a house to put a key in the door …”

In April 2019, Danielle visited a community of folks who are currently houseless in West Oakland as a part of Cassie Thornton’s Desperate Holdings Real Estate Agency project. As a recent San Francisco transplant living in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, she thought it would be valuable to connect with her neighbors and to think about her own relationship to land and real estate. She was moved to consider what her role/responsibility was and is to her concentric circles of community regarding the current Bay Area housing crisis. After some careful thought about the intersections of race, gender, and real estate, she sought out the people who she believes to be the most impacted (Black people in general and Black women in particular in West Oakland) and had conversations with them about living outside, about how they’d seen their neighborhoods change, and what the concept of “home” meant to them.

She witnessed and archived these stories while offering a detoxifying foot soak to interviewees which included clay sourced from hundreds of feet below the Salesforce tower. She offered folks her time, spare handkerchiefs, some clean towels, clean socks, and just care in general. She invites you to offer care now as well in the form of sitting with these conversations and giving them whatever time and attention you have the capacity to provide. Each interview runs between five and 15 minutes. She strongly recommends that you only do one at a time. So, when you’re ready, grab a pair of headphones, find a comfortable seated position, and choose a story: